A Wondful Start Reading The Constitution

For the first time in history the US Constitution was read aloud in Congress thanks to the take over by tea party Republicans.

The reading of the document skipped over parts that had been amended or repealed which has started a debate in the house on whether or not those parts should have been read.  Who would have guessed that the backlash Obama created would create such a wonderful thing as to actually have our government discussing the Constitution.

And what I consider an incredible honor, our own Congressman Frank Guinta had the privilege of reading the 2nd Amendment.

What shocks me is the lack of coverage by our media.  This was an historic event and there has been very little coverage.  One news woman even went so far as to ask if the tea party is going too far with it's love affair with the Constitution.

Have we really strayed so far that the very act of having Congress read aloud the document they take an oath to protect and uphold is controversial?  Thank goodness the 2010 elections have seemed to not just give the federal government a kick in the pants but seems to have gotten us back to a point we've long since strayed away from, following the very document that is meant to govern us.

I personally hope our NH state lawmakers follow the example set forth by the tea partiers and request that our state Constitution be read aloud to the House and Senate members here as well.  I suspect that is a far less recognizable text which I would be willing to bet some of our state lawmakers have never read at all.