Occupy Boston

Has anyone else been following these losers?  Sorry but there's no nice way to describe them.

Here they are in their own words and pictures taken from http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/

I made this sign for us at Occupy Wall Street. I’m a Hell’s Kitchen, NYC born girl who lives in industrial Brooklyn with my husband. We are both artists who largely survive on SSD/pending SSI. These allotments get us by, as we live frugally, but put us in the poverty level. He was born with a physical disability due to a birth trauma, & I’ve been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. We live in an abandoned coffin factory that has been converted to a livable and affordable housing space for artists, but still fight against the city in housing battles, as they’d love to gentrify the area and price residents out. We are the 99%, and this is what life is like for us.

SSD = Social Security Disability

SSI = Supplemental Security Income

Here's an idea, how about taking the huge spacers out of his ears, clean yourselves up and apply for a regular job.  Even McDonalds offers health insurance which would get him that physical the sign claims he needs.

I love the touch about living in the abandoned coffin factory.  If that's 99% then I'm glad to be in that 1%.

But let's continue...

Union worker... hmmm


Notice anything about those who give the most to politicians?

Here's another typical picture:




I AM THE 99%.


While it's sad that he's out of work what he's talking about is call starting out.

I went to college to get my degree in Computer Engineering Technology and came out with thousands in lones just as he did. While going to school I worked in a drug store outside the projects having to deal with old women who pooped in the isles on more then one occasion and shop lifters armed with weapons and even one who threw the security guard through the store window.  All for $3.35 an hour.  After that I moved up to bussing tables and yes cleaning the bathroom in a restaurant to help pay for my living expenses while going to college.

It took a few months to find my first job and I too recall my father putting pressure on me because I no longer had health insurance.  After a few months of interviewing and expecting a big paying IT job I finally had my first job offer... $20,000 working for an abusive small business owner who would throw furniture and berate employees on a daily basis.  I took it and I liked it because I had health insurance and I was able to pay my bills.  After putting a year of solid experience under my belt I moved on to a higher paying job at GE and eventually got to where I am today in a nice house able to support my children comfortably and even feed my cat.

But let's continue...

I am a college graduate - $30,000 in debt from a degree which makes me “unhirable.” I work part-time for $7.25 per hour. My bills are accruing interest and more debt by the minute.

Meanwhile, millionaires sip champagne and look down on me from their penthouses with the same human eyes I have.

I am fed up with their greed and arrogance. I am ready to revolt.

I am the ninety-nine percent.


They continue to repeat the amount they have in student loans and state how they are upset with the freed of "millionaires".  What exactly do they want?  Well if you listen to the interviews its clear.  They want wealth redistribution.

One spokes person for their group on the radio (96.9 FM) this afternoon claimed he supported the elimination of all debt and that people would willingly pay back what they owe anyway out of the goodness of their hearts.  Really?

Look at the people in these links and read their messages... these are people looking to pay back, these are people looking to mooch off others and who don't want to put in the effort it takes when times get rough.

Hmm, could it be the green hair preventing her from finding decent work?

And 56 jobs by the time she was ten?  I know complete idiots who are about as incompetent as you can get who can at least last a year in a job.  56 jobs in ten years is a bit of a red flag don't you think?

At 21 years old, I am…

-One semester from graduating college with a degree no one seems to hire

-In massive debt because of that once “dream degree” 

-About to become a mother to a baby whose illness has gotten us booted off government health insurance…at 9 months pregnant…

-Scared for our future

-I am the 99%-

Could it be no one wants to hire her because she's 9 months pregnant and no company on earth wants to waste time bringing someone in and starting to train them only to be saddled with them leaving right away on maternity leave and costing the company money.

What about the baby daddy?  Where's he?  Why isn't he supporting her, working full time to get insurance for his child and it's mother?  Apparently responsibly is too much to ask so instead those of use who work are expected to pay out more of what we earn to pay for this girl because she couldn't keep her legs closed long enough to get established.

And what exactly is that "dream degree" that no one seems to hire?  Considering she's only 21 I doubt it's a 4 year bachelors degree unless she was somehow brilliant enough to get it accomplished in 3 years (my wife did it and had her masters in 4 and a half), although considering she managed to get herself pregnant without any form of job I highly doubt it.

What I see here is greed.

I see young people who don't want to work or have to pay back their debt.

I see a few people who ran on bad luck and instead of looking for a way to tough it out and do what it takes instead look to the government to simply take from others so they can have their stuff without having to pay for it.

It sucks to lose a house, a coworker sitting less then 5 feet from my office is losing his after being out of work 3 years, but part of making a deal to buy something comes with the responsibility of paying for it.  If something happens and you can no longer pay, you can no longer have that item.

What we see here is the opposite of the Tea Party.  In the Tea Party groups you see people seeking to keep what they work for and to be allowed to be free of government control over their lives.

Here we have people willing to hand their lives over to full government control seeking to take from others.  And they call those of us who seek to pay our own ways the greedy ones.


Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” - George Bernard Shaw