School Discuss Banning Energy Drinks

The other day I was watching the news and I saw on the bottom new scroll a story show up about a school considering a ban on energy drinks.

My first though before the scroll even completed its path along the screen was that this was an elementary or middle school looking out for the health of the children, you know the old "its for the children" argument.

As my mind started racing about the consideration of schools looking out for the children vs parents deciding what's right or wrong for their own kids the scroll completed listing the name of the school at the end...  it wasn't an elementary or middle school.  It wasn't even a high school.

It was UNH.

I nearly fell out of my seat.  An American college seeking to ban a drink that anyone can legally purchase.  We aren't even talking about cigarettes or alcohol that have age limits on purchasing.  This is something anyone of any age can legally buy.

What has happened to our university system?  We aren't talking about children here, we are talking about adults over the age of 18 who pay (read as hire) a university to train them for higher paying jobs.

In some cases older adults pay them so they can return to school for either a particular course offering a skill they need or to earn an advanced degree and further their career.  I for instance am well established in my own career but as someone working in the technology industry I constantly need to revisit new skills to remain relevant.  After a long day of work I might need an energy drink to keep me alert enough in an evening class to learn the material, I would find it a slap in the face for the school I was paying to tell me, no I can't have it.

Universities and colleges already far overstep their bounds putting students in near prison conditions and subject them to outright anti-Constitutional restrictions on their freedoms when it comes to social activites and consumption of alcohol, even for students of legal age.  When are we going to draw the line and say that once someone is 18 they are an adult and they deserve the right to be treated like one.