Tax em all

Remember ousted politician Deb Pignatelli?

She was the one who ran in Merrimack, knowing how big the toll issue was there then turned around after being elected giving the town the finger saying it wasn't "politically feasible" to eliminate the tolls she campaigned on ending.

This week I stumbled across a letter to the editor from her husband Michael Pignatelli worth some discussion.

High-income earners, as well as most Americans, overwhelmingly support a modest 4 percent tax increase on those who can pay.


Voters will choose America’s future next November. In the meantime, the debt grows. The economy doesn’t.

Before I dig into responding to this above sentiment I would like to stress that I do not hold Deb accountable for her husband's statements and vice versa but from her record it's clear they both think similarly.

That said, I have to wonder when I see statements like this why we aren't seeing liberals in mass sending checks to the government offering up an additional 4% of their incomes.  Why does it take the force of a gun to get them to pony up if as Michael states here so many people want to do this?

The next part that caught my attention was his statement that this 4% should be imposed on "those who can pay".  Who determines that and what do they base it on?  Clearly Mr. Pignatelli feels others know better then he what is best for his money.

I love the conclusion, that debt grows while the economy doesn't.  Perhaps it's because too much of our money is already being wasted by the government.  Perhaps because we as a society have grown to a point where we reward failure and people who sit home doing nothing feel entitled to the income of others that we have the problem of growing debt and a shrinking economy.

One only has to look at the statements from the occupy groups to see this.  They expect us to pay for their college, pay for their housing, and so on.  If everything in life was given to you then what incentive would you have to work hard?  For that matter what incentive would you have to work at all?