Self Interests

I was a bit humored this week by a letter to the editor published in this weeks Telegraph.  You can read it in full HERE.  It was written by Harvey Keye, Chairman of the Nashua Democratic Committee.  In the letter he questions why anyone would vote against "self-interests" and poses the following series of questions.

I wonder why 80-95 percent of Americans – who are earning less than $250,000 a year and who need medical insurance, better housing and a reduction of interest on their credit cards – are willing to support legislators who vote against bills that would help make life better for them?

Right from the start he hits up the Us vs Them class warfare.  Basic argument here is that anyone earning over $250,000 owes the rest of us all sorts of things to make our lives better.

The reason most of us don't support that is the same reason most of us wouldn't be willing to point a gun at someone and take their money.  It's not ours to take.

But let's dive deeper at all the things he claims are in our best interest.

- Medical Insurance
The problem here is that most Americans already have health insurance.  We work very hard for it as a benefit in payment for our jobs.  So what is being pushed for isn't in my best interest since it's something I already have, it's something they want me and others to pay for.  That's not MY best interest.

- Better Housing
If I want better housing I save my money and I purchase it.  Other than again taking from someone else to give me something I didn't work for or earn how is this something in my best interest?

-reduction of interest on credit cards
This one is interesting.  No one forces Americans to sign up for credit cards, this is an agreement between people with private companies.  Its a nice idea on having the government wipe out our debt for us but someone is left paying.  Private companies don't work for free.

The ideas here Harvey suggests don't work for the best interest of our country, they serve greedy self interests of people who want things and are willing to take away from others to get it.  The fact that even 5 to 20 percent of Americans see no problem taking what they want at the expense of others is far too many in my opinion.