Compelled Speech

Ed Naile has a great article calling out a public employee using a tax paid for email address to promote political issues, ie. compelled speech.  You can read it in full HERE.  In the feedback to the article Bob DeMaura posted an excellent question which I really think deserves to be broken out into it's own discussion.

Does it include the School Committee using taxpayer funds to advertise in the local news media and through fliers and pamphlets? Not just for the school budget but the teachers contract with automatic raises twice yearly for the next four years?

My first thought in reading this is asking the question what kind of advertisements is this but then it occurred to me that even the voter guide could be political advertising if worded the right way or if the facts on any issue are selectively chosen.

Ironically as I was preparing to write this story I caught wind of a news story from Pelham, NH in which the voter guide printed contained incorrect information so voters who prepared their votes based on the guide for faster voting where mislead into voting differently then they may have otherwise.  This story has not made it to press yet so I will try to provide updates when it does.