College Students Voting Rights

Our friends over at Blue Hampshire continue this week to put up article after article claiming that college students are losing their rights because Republicans are seeking to have people only be allowed to vote from their legal address.

I'd like to push back and ask them a question in return, where's the line?

If we allow students to use their parents address for some things and their college address for voting should they also be able to pick and choose addresses based on what works in their advantage for everything else too?

For instance, if they can get better loans and student aid claiming their college address instead of their parents is that a problem?  And since NH doesn't require car insurance where other states like MA do, should they be able to register their car here instead of their to avoid the costs?

And why should it stop at college students, if I travel to another state on business trips a couple times each year shouldn't I be able to register my car their instead of NH if it's cheaper for me?  For those weeks I'm on that business trip that other location is just as much my "home" as the dorm is to that college student.

Shouldn't I also be able to vote in this other location since at the time of the election it is my "home"?

Heck, if that's the case then people living in towns that are majority one party should take trips right around the time of elections to communities that are split 50/50 and live there for a day or two.  Democrats clearly have no problem with it since it's your right to vote where ever you're living at that moment even if it's not your legal address for anything else.

None of the Democrat readers out there have a problem with this do you?