Must Be Lonely To Be A Democrat

It must be lonely being a Democrat.  The reason I say this is because it seems Democrats are against anyone and everyone around them.

Last week while reading Blue Hampshire's site I found an article titled "The Free State Takeover of the Republican Party" which amounted to nothing more then a fear based article how the only person on the Republican side to replace Republican Martin Harty is a "free stater".

There also isn't a week that goes by when the Democrats as a whole aren't discussing the tea party movement and painting them out as evil as well.

Now let's revisit history for a moment here, when the free state project first started moving to NH they made it clear they were not here to work with Republicans or Democrats.  Their only goal was to push for more personal freedom and liberty, who doesn't see this as a good thing.  After a few years time when the first few movers were becoming eligible to run for state offices, one of the first to be elected ran as a Democrat.  Joel Winters.  He won and in his time in office quickly gained respect of both Republicans and Democrats alike.  Unfortunately he wasn't reelected in this past election.

Even from the beginning, Democrats have demonized the Free Staters causing the few who have chosen to work on the same side as Democrats to either hide the fact they are Free Staters or pushed them away all together with very few exceptions.

One would think that with all the complaints Democrats had under Bush and how he violated our civil rights and how Republicans take away our freedoms, that they would quickly work to team up with the Free State project on restoring and pushing for civil rights and liberties to be restored or protected.

And the same with the tea party movement.  For nearly all eight years under Bush we continued to hear the Democrats rail against the Bush deficit and how Clinton balanced the budget.  Before that Democrats would also remind us about the Regan deficits.  So when a group comes along pushing for balanced budget and responsibility in Washington and on the state level wouldn't you think Democrats would take their side and again push themselves forward as the party of fiscal responsibility?

Of course when you look at facts you at least see why Democrats oppose the tea party, that's because Democrats are actually the ones pushing for the most irresponsible spending.

So why is it that the Democrat party would continue to push groups away instead of looking for new allies?

Clearly it's to the benefit of Republicans since now Republicans are left looking like the small government and pro freedom group while Democrats push them both away and push for record debt that dwarfs even the worst spending they attempted to criticize in the past.