Examples of Government Putting People in Harm

I was watching news coverage about the serial killer they found in Long Island over this past week.  They point out how prostitutes were solicited on crags list then murdered with at least 10 bodies being found in the last reports I'd seen.

I also heard last week stories of Mexican drug gangs holding towns along the border essentially hostage to protect their drug empires.  In one story drug lords murdered not just the drug dealers they were upset with but their entire families including young children to show they were serious to their enemies.

What exactly do these stories have in common?  People being murdered because they were put in dangerous situations created by government outlawing victimless crimes.

In Vegas and other places around the world were prostitution is legal women are able to exchange sex for money safely in protected locations.  They don't have to worry that the next guy they meet up with is going to beat them up or murder them because there are bouncers on site and since the activity is legal they can always call the police without fear of reparations.  Sex workers would be able to get health coverage putting less of a burden on society if they fall ill.  And of course the incomes would become taxable on the federal and possibly state level creating new revenue for the government.

Same with drugs.  The power drug lords have comes from the demand government blocks legal solutions to.  Marijuana can be grown anywhere as evident by people all across the country being arrested with growing operations.  With a legal market, the criminals would no longer have the income that gives them the power to murder and cause fear.  And just like with prostitution, creating a new legal market in the US produces a new tax revenue.  Both cases would also produce jobs at a time when our economy desperately needs them as well.

Even purchasing drugs puts people in danger.  A college student looking to score some pot or even coke cannot walk into a 7-11 and make a purchase the way they buy cigarettes or beer.  Instead they have to make shady backroom deals.

The laws we have in place are not stopping the "crimes".  People will continue to smoke or do drugs and they will continue to have consensual sex in some cases for some mutual exchange.  All the laws do is push those involved with the activities underground putting them in danger.

If a murderer wanted to find a victim where better to look than a drug user or prostitute because chances are if they get away from you they won't report an attempt abduction because they were in the act of committing a crime themselves.  They are also more then likely going to be willing to meet up with you in a secluded out of the way location leaving them alone and vulnerable.

Is it really worth it to prevent someone from smoking a joint or to keep two people from having sex for money to put so many others at risk?  How many innocent lives have been lost by stray bullets from drug crimes?  Since the days of Jack the Ripper prostitutes have been prey to murderers and even today with all the laws we have on the books the same crimes play out again and again.

Isn't it time to end the victimless crimes and stop allowing those engaging in them to become victims of other crimes?