Obama and His Birth Certificate

After years of debate, Obama finally released his full form birth certificate.  Why now?  If anything this move by the Obama administration raises more questions.

After spending the last three years claiming there was no other documents and/or that Hawaii law prevented the release of any form other then the short form Obama previously released this move makes Obama out to be a liar.  This move flies in the face of Obama's claim that his administration would be the most transparent ever.

And why after blowing off the question to release the document from senators and congressmen, and watching miliary members get court marshalled for asking for the document did Obama jump to respond to a reality talk show host?

What I also don't get is why the hesitation to release it in the first place.  By waiting so long he allowed speculation to build and build to the point that in a recent poll only 38% of those who responded actually believe without a doubt that he was born here.  I was under the belief that there was something politically damning listed out on the document that he was trying to hide like perhaps his parents put Muslim down for his religion or he was born a hermaphrodite or something.  Why else refuse to just put the document out and be done with it especially when you claim that you'd be the most transparent administration ever.

But alas the document has been put out and while there are still questions being asked such as why it states "African" for his dads race when "Negro" was the common term for that time or why twins born a few days later have a lower certificate number then Obama's, the debate is for the most part over regarding where he was born.  There is enough evidence between this document, the ads in the newspapers etc to say he was born in this country...

However, with Trump saying jump and Obama responding how high giving into the demands of a reality talk show host when he ignored so many others, he has set himself up now to give into all of Trumps demands or give the impression that there is something else to hide.