I'll tell you what I voted for

Democrats are at it again circulating a petition around the internet asking "Is this what you voted vote" with a series of questions that I copied below.  Now for starters I doubt any of those actually signing this petition or those all up in a bunch about it on Blue Hampshire voted for any of the current Republicans so their stating that this isn't what they voted for is about equal to my saying Obama's actions aren't what I voted for either... moot point since I didn't vote for him.

But I digress, let's take a closer look at what they are petitioning.


Huge Cuts in Services for the Seriously Disabled and Mentally Ill?
Failing to Provide Constitutionally Mandated Funds for the Education of Our Children?
Ending the State's Enforceable Duty to Provide an Adequate Education to Every Child Regardless of the Child's Income or Circumstance?
Shifting State Costs to Towns and to Local Property Taxpayers?
Huge Cuts to Programs for Troubled Children in Need of Services?
Huge Cuts to our Community and State Colleges and to the University of New Hampshire?
Closing the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Office?
Ending Energy Efficiency and Affordable Energy Programs?
Ending All Restrictions on Guns in Our Statehouse?
Attacks on Teachers, Firefighters, Police and Other Public Employees and on Collective Bargaining Rights?
Huge Cuts to Hospitals and Community Health Centers?
Eliminating All Funding for the State Arts Council?
Lay-offs of State Troopers?
Closing the State Prison in Berlin?
Frivolous Demands for Baseless Lawsuits against the Federal Government?
Bullying and Slandering Those Who Dare to Oppose the House Leadership?
A Rigid Commitment to an Antiquated and Unfair Tax System that Hurts the Middle Class and is Forcing Seniors Out of Their Homes?

With the exception of a few items on this list it all comes down to spending cuts.  Personally I find it interesting that liberal democrats can claim after increasing spending by double digit percentages for multiple budget cycles that suddenly cutting spending back down to levels we can afford and were at just a few years ago is suddenly causing such turmoil.

The truth is the house budget at $10.2 billion brings us back to the SAME LEVEL we were at in 2009.  Our state budget has sky-rocketed in recent years jumping from $9.8 billion in 2008 to $10.2 billion in 2009 and then to an unsupportable $11.5 billion in 2010.  According the to sunshine review NH's debt has increased from $634 million to $823 million since 2006.  A 30% increase under Democratic leadership.

I would recomend looking at the house bill itself found HERE and read the truth about many of the budget cuts.

It's really nice to think government can be everything for everyone and provide everything anyone ever needs from cradle to grave but the truth is it can't.  Every line item spent in a town, state or federal budget is money that must first be taken from someone's pocket.

As for some of their other claims such as gun restrictions I would refer them to the US constitution.  And the "attack" on collective bargaining, would that be the same one Democrats in MA pulled in a middle of the night vote claiming that they can no longer afford the demands the unions put on their state either?

When considering facts and looking at the truth behind some of the votes, I think most of us will agree that yes this is what we voted for.

I voted to end the deficit spending even if that meant making hard choices.

I voted to restore our constitutional rights including rights to own and carry a firearm as given by the 2nd Amendment.

I voted for less government and to put an end on the unreasonable demands some unions put on employers and towns.

I voted for more individual freedom and liberty and to put an end to government making choices for me.

I voted to put an end to Democrats stripping away our rights and taking away parents rights to know if their children are getting abortions or not.

I voted to put an end to politicians telling us we have to pass a bill first to know what's even in it.

That is what I voted for!