Welcome to Boston, Come Steal Our Cars

Once in a while you find a story in which Democrats show their true colors.  There is a story out of Boston this week that does exactly that.

The debate on illegals has waged on for years in this country with Republicans wanting to protect our boarders and enforce the rules we've established for entry into our country.  Democrats on the other hand support open boarders.

As with most arguments Republicans can point to a foundation of support based on the Constitution which grants Congress the ability to "to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization" and the founding fathers who argued likewise that immigration would be bad if left unchecked.

According to their writings, America's founding fathers were skeptical of massive immigration. Thomas Jefferson was concerned that, "they will bring with them the principles of government they leave." Alexander Hamilton speculated that, "The safety of the Republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment:...The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to...corrupt the national spirit....."

That brings us to this week when Mayor Menino in Boston exposed Democrats for how extreme they are willing to go.  Until now I thought they would at least support deportation when an illegal was caught in a felony but yet here's Menino this week blasting a Boston cop who ran the prints of a criminal caught stealing a car.  The car thief turned out to be an illegal alien as well so they deported him. 

“I don’t want my city to be a city where if you’re an immigrant, you’re afraid to be deported to another country for simple acts,” said Mayor Menino. “This is supposed to be on issues like homicides, major crimes, and they were taking this too far. A guy stole a car, they do the finger prints to watch him and have the person deported. That’s not the Boston I want. I want Boston to be a city that welcomes immigrants.”

So the message is welcome to Boston, come steal our cars and we'll protect you from the law?

I guess this is typical of the Democratic party considering they are also the ones who argued that the reason children should be able to sneak behind their parents backs and get abortions without permission from anyone is to allow them to cover up pedophile rape and/or incest.  Best to just let that little girl cover it up with an abortion then have her go to the police and have the criminal arrested, right?

And what amazes me the most is when politicians like Menino come right out and say they are for defending criminals such as the case here the press just brushes over the stories as if it's no big deal.