Republicans are the most powerful party ever

I'm convinced that the Republican Party is by far the most powerful party ever.  Clearly one Republican can accomplish more then 100 Democrats and even in the minority they have full control over everything that happens within the government.

What makes me say such a thing?  Easy, the Democrats are making this very argument themselves.

Look at the facts...

In the 2006 the Democratic party won control of both Congress and Senate.

In 2008 while keeping control of the house and senate the Democratic party also gained control of the White House with the election of Barack Obama.

Even after the 2010 election Republicans remain the minority party having only won back control of Congress but Senate and the White House remain under Democratic party lead.

Given that the Democrats have been the majority party in control of government since the 2006 election they continue to blame Bush and Republicans for problems.  So Bush's impact overrides Democratic party control even today.

On top of that, with the tea party Republicans gaining control of congress, democrats now blame them for the loss of the AAA credit rating.  Let me get this straight, even after several years in power the Democrats cannot make any changes to what Bush did prior but yet in less then 1 year in power the tea party Conservatives are already making major impacts on this country?  How can anyone listen to this leap in Liberal logic and buy into anything they say?

Even John Kerry has jumped onto the blame the tea party band wagon.  He's saying it's all their fault because they refused to raise taxes.  In other words its not the fault of those who spent out of control for all these years it's the fault of those who ran and won saying they would stop spending and fight to lower taxes for actually doing what they ran on and won.  Hmmmm.

Is this a bit like blaming a dealer for someone going through withdraw symptoms because they refuse to give them more free drugs after getting them hooked?

This country has a problem that needs to be dealt with.  Both partys have acknowledged it and at different points in history both parties have even called for balanced budget amendments to deal with it when the other is in power and controlling the purse strings but until the tea party group took control no one has been actively dealing with it.  And clearly since Republicans have had such an influence on everything even when they've held a minority for years, just think of what will be accomplished if they come back into full control with help of the tea party.