We Need Vermin Supreme

While discussing the results of the New Hampshire primary someone I was speaking to commented about the guy wearing a boot on his head and rambling on about giving everyone a "free pony".  Having seen a YouTube video recently I knew exactly who they were talking about, a "fringe" candidate Vermin Supreme.

Vermin is most often referred to as a joke candidate and considering he claims he'd like to harness the power of zombies to solve the worlds energy problems its hard to argue he should be taken seriously.

The person who mentioned him was upset that such people were allowed to participate in our primary stating it's far too easy for people to get their name on the ballot here.

I disagree.

In the primary unlike the general election we have many choices.  Even Democrats this year who know Obama will be the choice for their ticket in 2012 had several choices (Vermin being one of them).  What this offers people are options that general elections don't have.  In a general election you have the Democrat and the Republican and once in a rare while a 3rd party candidate but not in a primary.  In the primary, even on an uncontested ballot such as Obama's running this year on the Democratic Party ticket, you have choices.

Some are like Vermin who make outrageous statements and mock on some of the more well known candidates.  Others are people running on a specific issue in hopes to bring some attention to their causes.

This gives voters the benefit to vote for what's really important to them or at least send a strong signal protest vote.

When I look at a primary I don't focus on which candidate has the best chance of winning or which one has the best chance to beat the other party.  Instead I look for which candidate truly matches my own views or in some cases when a sitting president is running for re-election that you clearly do not agree with but you still view him (or her) as a better choice then anyone on the opposing ticket, it gives you the chance to vote for someone ridiculous to show your displeased with the sitting president.

No other candidate says ridiculous more then Vermin.