Votes of the Living Dead

The New Hampshire voting scene has caught fire with discussions regarding the renegade reporting showing how easy it is to walk into a NH polling site, give the name of a deceased voter and get a ballot to vote.  In fact they were able to pull this off 5 out of 6 times with the last exception only due to the fact the person had just recently died and one of the people working the polls knew them.  Even then they were able to walk out of the polling site and able to continue their attempts at other locations.

The only reason they were "caught" is because their video has been posted online for all to see.

What I find most amusing in this is that the very group who scream the loudest in opposition to voter ID bills are the same ones pushing to have charges filed in this case despite the fact this case proves how easy it is to get away with voting illegally.

Personally I would have like to have seen two addition examples shown in the videos.

Example 1: Walk into a polling location and state you are between addresses, offer to show your valid out of state license and state you are "staying" in that current town and would like to be allowed to vote.  Make sure you point out you just arrived in town that morning too.

Example 2: Walk into a polling location and give a completely bogus name and address.  If you really want to push the envelope offer the name of a street that doesn't even exist or use house numbers that don't exist but are between two valid numbers that do.

Before attempting either of these, I should advise you the 2nd example is clearly illegal under current NH laws but since a poll worker can't ask for ID how would they know you are giving a fake name?  The address they may be able to catch just as the worker in Manchester caught the name of the deceased by chance of knowing the person, likewise you may find a worker who knows the streets well enough to catch a bogus address.  The first example however wouldn't fall under any NH laws.  Geoff Wetrosky is living proof of that, he came here working on a national campaign, walked into a polling site and registered with the address of the Democratic Party's Chairs home and voted.  He then turned around and left for his home state.  Even though he was stopped by police after voting here for stealing political signs and gave his valid out of state address as his legal address proving he never lived here no charges were ever filed for his voting here.

Either we need to agree illegal voting is wrong and seek the necessary changes to prevent it or those unwilling to make the changes need to accept that what happened here can happen and admit they are ok with it.