Shaheen Vs. The Free Market


Sen. Jeanne Shaheen announced that she plans to step into a contract dispute between Direct TV and WHDH, the Boston affiliate of NBC.

WMUR quotes her as stating:

"Through no fault of their own, subscribers have become bargaining chips in these negotiations and are being denied access to the TV programming they've paid to receive," Shaheen said. "Blacking out the Super Bowl would be a disservice not only to Patriots fans, but also to sports bars and restaurants across Southern New Hampshire that are counting on the game for much-needed revenue."

Problem is the free market has already worked out a solution.  Direct TV has announced to their local customers that channel 392 is the national NBC station and that too will cover the big game.

Shaheen called on the Federal Communications Commission to try to broker an agreement to ensure that the channel is restored by the time the Super Bowl airs.

What Shaheen has done is ensured the waste of tax dollars in a dispute that the government has no business being part of.

If Direct TV didn't offer an alternative station and wasn't able to resolve the problem they would lose customers who would most likely switch to either Comcast or an alternative satellite provider.

And Depending on how the government resolves the dispute, they may end up forcing Direct TV to have to push unnecessary rate increases down to their customers in order to pay higher costs involved in carrying that station.

If Shaheen wants to but her nose in a disagreement then why not focus on why her boss has squashed the Keystone pipeline and killed the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs.