Zumba Prostitution

There has been some interesting debates regarding the Zumba instructor prostitute up in Maine.  The question of whether the names of her clients should be released or not raises several questions.

For starters, prostitution is currently illegal so if you hire a prostitute for sex then you are breaking the law.  However, no one has been tried and convicted yet of any crimes and we do have a system in which people are innocent until prove guilty.  Until convicted of a crime what level of privacy should anyone in this situation expect?  I personally think we should expect some level of privacy until due process.

That leads us to the 2nd question, should prostitution even be illegal in the first place.  Let's face it people want to have sex.  It's what allows us to continue on as a species.  And the way our culture is made up, women can control who they want to have sex with.  They can say yes or no to men's advances.  And as long as there are men looking for a woman willing to say yes, women will take advantage of those men and seek things in return.  Is there really a difference between the women who wait for guys to buy them jewelry, expensive dinners or whatever compared to women who want cash up front?  Not in my opinion, yet if you "date" a woman and buy her things week after week to get her to have sex that's legal, if you meet up with that same woman and give her the cash equivalent of what you spend on your dates for sex that's illegal.

One of the other arguments against releasing the names is that it would ruin marriages, which is also one of the reasons those against legalizing prostitution use to keep it illegal.  If a man is going to cheat he's going to find a way.  If prostitution were legal he could visit a registered and clean prostitute and be assured secrecy with no strings attached.  As it stands how, who knows if the prostitute is clean?  And who knows if they are keeping a list as this one did that might later be used for blackmailing.  Is outlawing prostitution somehow preventing this?  No.  Think about this, there are websites like Ashley Madison, MarriedMatch.com and so on specifically set up for men wanting to find someone willing to let them cheat on their wives (or women looking to cheat on their husbands for that matter).  Is prostitution really going to make a difference one way or another?  Making it illegal only increases the risk of disease and complications associated with it.

I think the case in Maine has highlighted many of the reasons it's time to consider legalizing prostitution and regulating it to assure clean transaction, not to mention a new source of taxation.