Obama Won Again Predictions

While this years elections did not go the way I would have liked I would like to offer congratulations to the winners.  Many of my more liberal friends continue to chant that all that's wrong is Bush's fault so you now have four more years to put things straight.  I would like to know how long before Democrats can begin to be held accountable or when they will begin to admit that they aren't making things better and perhaps we need to try something different, or perhaps even look at history and look at what has been proven to work in the past?

I've given predictions in the past and for the most part I've been fairly accurate.  When Democrats took over all three branches in 2008 I said then we'd see sustained unemployment and out of control federal spending and sure enough we've had both.  Here is my new list, feel free to book mark this and come back in 2 and 4 years to hold me accountable on my accuracy.

Federal Level Predictions

1) For the next two years we will continue to see partisan bickering and Republicans will be blamed regardless of which party is actually responsible.  Obama will continue to blame Bush even after 8 years of no improvements.

2) The average citizens taxes will increase.  For current comparison, tax freedom day falls on April 16th for NH.

3) The upcoming fiscal cliff will result in a last minute deal which accomplishes nothing aside from kicking it a few years down the road.

4) The cost of fuel will continue to rise.  For comparison when we look back at this the current average right now is $3.49 a gallon and oil is currently $84 a barrel.

5) We'll see billions of dollars pumped into "clean energy" companies.

6) The National debt will continue to climb to record highs.  At the time of my writing this it stands at $16,220,829,251,060.66.  I'm willing to go on record stating we'll see $20 Trillion before Obama leaves office.  I'm also predicting that we'll continue to see annual deficits higher then even the worst year under G. W. Bush and the same Democrats who railed against Bush's out of control spending will continue to deflect saying that Republicans didn't complain when Bush was the one doing the spending (ignoring that they are proving themselves hypocrites and for the record I for one did complain).

7) If Democrats do succeed in kicking the fiscal cliff down the road a few years unemployment will drop to at very best 6% but if they don't I'm predicting we'll see it hit 10%.

8) Congress woman Carol Shea Porter will have at least a 97% in line party voting record with the Democratic party ignoring what's best for the people of NH and instead voting the way her party tells her to.

State Level Predictions

1) Spending will go up by at least 10% in the next state budget cycle.  Current 2013 state budget stands at $15,142,336,000.  Given this I'm guessing that in the next two year budget we'll see the 2015 annual budget hit $16,656,569,600.

2) NH Democrats will push once again for a seatbelt and/or helmet law.

3) There will be at least 1 bill put up attempting to repeal voter ID.

4) We will see attempts from the NH to weaken NH gun rights.

We'll revisit after a couple years and see how well I did.

Any Obama fans wishing to make their own predictions in the feedback, I likewise welcome yours as well.