Republicans Have No Plan

Republicans have no plan...

How many times in the media have you heard that or the claim that the Republican plan to close loopholes instead of increasing the tax rate on the rich is short on specifics?

They don't tell you of course that Republicans have actually given some of the details, pointing out how they want to eliminate the loopholes that allow money to be sheltered overseas or cap the maximum deductions allowed.

The left doesn't want you to know this even though it accomplishes everything they claim they want.  The "rich" would pay their "fair share" (pay more) and the government by some prediction would see higher revenue then if they just increased the tax rate.

So why are they opposing this?  Because the left knows that Buffet, Soros, Kerry, Moore etc would actually have to pay out under the Republican plan and if they simply increase the tax rates they could still shelter their money and wouldn't actually have to pay anything out.

Increasing the tax rate puts on a good show the the masses and allows the limousine liberals to make the appearance that they are sticking it to "the rich" while at the same time they aren't the ones actually paying anything out.  It isn't about paying off the debt or even getting the "fair share" out of the rich, it's about fooling enough people so Democrats can claim superiority at election times.