Media Bias Exposing Itself

For years now I've been aware of bias in the media and the fact that they lie by omission.  Often times you'll only get part of a story with only those selected facts presented to give the slant they wish you to have.  Recently though this seems to be far worse then ever before and I think it has become more exposed then ever when examining the coverage of the Trayvon Martin story.

From the start the mainstream media wanted this to be a case of clear cut racism.  They even went so far as to put out doctored versions of the 911 calls on NBC newsThey show pictures of Zimmerman at his worst but show 4 year old pictures of Martin.

The media entered into the story with a preset goal and pushed only those facts that give their side.

As a result of this many people have formed opinions based on what they believe is the full story when in fact its not.  Any time I see this brought up, those who are on the side of believing this to be the shooting of an innocent unarmed teen bring up that in the 911 tape Zimmerman points out that he lost Martin and states he is going to look for him.  Police in the call state that it is not necessary to follow.

What the mainstream media doesn't point out is that Zimmerman could not find Martin and was walking back to his car to wait for police when Martin charged him and hit him in the face knocking him to the ground.  Authorities have stated that Witnesses to what happened support this as well.

Makes for a far different story if Martin charged Zimmerman and attacked him first then if a "White Hispanic" (note this term was never used in news stories prior to this one) went chancing after a black youth.

Another example in recent media is the coverage of increasing gas prices.  In 2006 when Bush was president and gas prices started to climb he was attacked and we heard story after story about how he was at fault.

Now with Obama seeing gas prices nearly double what Bush saw even at it's worst increases the media instead is focusing on trying to write this off as a positive claiming we're on our way toward energy dependence with renewable sources. 

The Washington Post / ABC News had an interesting poll taken in 2006 and again this year showing the impact of our media bias on perception.  In 2006 73% of Democrats felt the president could do things to control gas prices.  The same question in 2011 about Obama and now only 33% of Democrats claim the president can control gas prices.  What does that tell you?  I doubt it's because Democrats view Obama as a weaker president.

It's easy to spot the media bias in National news but the problem is people assume that's where it stops.  It doesn't.  Even on the state and local side bias exists.  It may not be as visible but it's there all the same.

Don't assume that what you read is the full story.