Carol Shea Porter vs Facts

Lately Carol Shea Porter has been pushing letter after letter to any NH related website or newspaper willing to print them.

One of her last rants she criticized Frank Guinta for taking money away from students health care screenings instead of taxing millionaires.  I found this to be a rather shocking assertion so unlike most people I choose to actually dig into facts and find out what exactly she was going on about.

It turns out that the bill she's referring too was the Interest Rate Reduction Act, which passed with both Republican and Democratic party support.   And for the record both Republicans and Democrats voted against it as well making it a fairly bipartisan bill.

Without the act of Congress student loan rates were set to double, increating from 3.4% to 6.8%.

What I find interesting is that while Carol is blasting Frank for supporting this bill Obama was attempting to play the other side of the field touring colleges claiming Republicans opposed keeping loan rates low.

Of course Carol's real issue isn't that Frank Guinta choose to keep loan rates low, it's how he voted to do it.  Carol Shea Porter's answer is higher taxes.

Frank Guinta's answer was to cut a "health" fund which according to The Hill has spent it's money on "bike paths and jungle gyms, ad campaigns against junk food, free spaying and neutering for pets, and even lobbying".

Carol and others would have you believe that without that money kids will be no longer be immunized or women would no longer have breast cancer screenings.

Carol also ignores that president Obama's own budget called to cut $4 billion from that very same fund Republicans choose to cut in order to fund the decreased loan rates.

Apparently Carol doesn't wish you to learn the full story because the facts don't support her attacks.