No More Free Speech

Obama signed into law today house bill H.R. 347 which makes it a crime to protest "restricted" buildings or grounds.

Free speech or political protesting has with the swipe of a pen become illegal.

Our NH representatives didn't help either, both Bass and Guinta supported the bill which received only 3 members of the house voting against it (Paul Broun R George, Justin Amash R Michigan and Kieth Ellison D Minnesota), and 42 members of the house not voting (and yes Ron Paul was one of those 42).

Because of this new law signed by Obama protests like those by Cindy Sheehan are now jailable offenses.  What's worse though is that because protesting in areas protected by Secrete Service, key word being secrete as in you wont always know where they are, also becomes a jailable offense so they can show up anywhere and declare it a protected location essentially outlawing any protests they disagree with.

How this bill has been allowed to pass with both Democrats and Republicans supporting it is beyond me.