Rules To Protect The Stupid

I heard a story on the radio this week that really makes me wonder if we're on the path of making the movie Idiocracy into reality.

Back in March in Vineland, NJ police were called on report of a man carrying a firearm.  The call resulted in a near by school going into lockdown mode at 8:50 AM as the police investigated until they were given the all clear at 9:15 AM.

From the news story:

The man turned out to be a “meter reader who was holding a scope that resembled a rifle,” Winslow Elementary School Principal Debra Bechtel said in a note sent home to parents after the incident.


Two parents from the nearby St. Isidore’s Day Care Center reported they saw a man in dark clothing who was carrying a rifle as he walked down the road, Bechtel said in the letter.

Living relatively close to a tree farm that is frequented by hunters I can honestly say I see people with guns walking the streets all the time, not once have I been prompted to call the police.

In vacations I've taken to parts of the south I've seen men walking down commercial blocks surrounded by local businesses carrying guns and rifles, never felt worried enough to call the police.

I've even had hunters walk onto my own property openly carrying weapons thinking it was ok to hunt there since it's so wooded, again I didn't phone the police.  I actually approached them and talked to them about it.

Yet here we have two parents who panic at what they thought was a gun and their first thought was to call 911. 

This prompted the following response from the utility company which can be found in full HERE:

To avoid a repeat in the future, we will take the following action.

• 1) VMU meter readers, in addition to their uniforms, will wear bright yellow vests with stenciling identifying them as VMU meter readers.

• 2) The device will be clearly marked in such a way that it could not be mistaken for a firearm.

Note the part about "in addition to their uniforms", let's call that part Exhibit A.

Exhibit B I'd like to supply a photo of a typical utility meter reader:

In other words you have a man walking down the street in a uniform with utility company logos on it and who anyone who has water or electricity has most likely seen before carrying a large square box and two idiots freaked out enough to call 911 over that.

And now the utility company is actually creating rules because of the reaction of two idiots.

It's a good thing they didn't see anyone surveying property in the area they would have had reports of snipers.

This is exactly why the free state project members open carry, to get people used to seeing guns and not panicking at the mere site of what they think is a gun.