Remembering Why Carol Had To Go

Recent UNH polling shows Carol Shea Porter leading over Frank Guinta 44% to 39%.  This only reinforces my belief that voters have a short memory, that and the fact she's flooding every newspaper willing to print her letters attacking Frank Guinta every chance she gets.  Of course she isn't always being truthful in her attacks but most voters don't take the time to research on their own and assume what they read in papers is correct.

For that 44% of voters who forgot why Carol was voted out in the first place by an 11% margin here's a top 11 list of some highlights of her record.

1) After campaigning that Jeb Bradley was nothing more then a rubber stamp for Republicans because he voted in line with Republicans 88% of the time, Carol then turned around and voted 98% of the time in line with the Democratic party in each of her two terms.  (It is time we elect a Congressional member who will work for the people of NH, and not be a rubber stamp for any administration. - quote taken directly from Carol's own website) What says rubber stamp more, 88% or 98%?

2) Carol exposed herself as being extremely sexist claiming we'd be better off if we "sent the men home" who currently serve in elected positions and left the governing to just women.

3) Carol choose not to listen to her constituents.  After months of refusing to hold any town hall meetings Carol was finally backed into a corner having to defend her votes.  Instead of holding true town hall meetings and listening to people she packed the meetings with paid union members who where there to show support for her views.  And of the few people who were allowed in from the unwashed public, those who dared speak out against her were forcfully removed from the meetings.

4) Carol accomplished NOTHING in her two terms putting up feel good bills without any real substance.

5) Carol was one of the higher tax and spenders in office.  The National Taxpayers Union rated her with an F scoring just 6%, she came in as the 2nd highest tax and spender of any of the 4 NH elected positions at that time.

6) Carol plagiarized Think Progress and miss quoted Reagan in her attempts to justify increased spending.

7) Carol had a US veteran locked up because she felt threatened by a letter he wrote her.  The threat was his direct quote of the NH Constitution.

8) Carol's over reaction did not just stop at having retired vets locked up, she also went overboard causing an entire government building to go into lockdown and calling in hazmat teams over a tea party protest.

9) Carol has flat out admitted that she believes the US government does not have to follow the Constitution and in doing so exposed her ignorance of the Constitution as well.

10) Carol out right lied to the people of NH who wanted her support in a bill to audit the FED by first adding her name to the bill claiming she'd support it only to later withdraw her name once the attention died down.

11) While claiming to be a friend to veterans and claiming she was the one supporting their causes, she voted to create a tax on prosthetic limbs.  Democrats attempt to claim that this will be covered through Tricare but the premiums were increased on all veterans.

These and many other reasons where why we voted Carol out in the first place.