10 Reasons to ReElect Frank Guinta

A few weeks ago I wrote reminding everyone why Carol Shea Porter had to go when she was voted out of office, which you can read HERE.  I'd like to follow up to that pointing out what Frank Guinta has done right, or at the very least done better then Carol had in her terms.

1) One of Frank's first votes was to actually assure government transparency supporting a bill that would do away with the "we have to pass [it] so we can see what's in it" mentality of elected officails like Pelosi.  The bill he supported would have required all bills be posted online a full 24 hours before they could be voted on.

2) Frank was a co-sponsor of the STOCK act to ban all insider trading for federally elected officials and their staff.

3) Frank voted at least twice to cut his own budget producing a reduction of 11.4%.  Jan 5th, 2011 he voted for a 5% cut on all congressional budgets then later in the year supported an additional 6.4% cut.

4) Unlike Carol Shea Porter who's vote on H.R. 5146 was to end a single years automatic pay raise for Congress but allowed it to continue after the 2010 elections, Frank supported H.R. 431 to permanently end the automatic pay raises.

5) Voted in favor of the bill that required all bill or joint resolution to cite its constitutionality.

6) Co-sponsored a bill to amend to Constitution to prohibit federal spending in any fiscal year from exceeding receipts for that year.

7) Frank has voted in support of over 30 jobs bills, many of which made it through congress with bipartisan support.

Frank launched "Getting Granite Staters Back to Work" job survey to actually listen to small businesses and find out what they need to grow.  This was a stark comparison to Carol Shea Porters bogus town hall meetings (in which there was no listening, only lecturing) which ushered in paid union supporters through backdoors while closing the front doors to people like me who waited in line to speak out.

His initiative also launched several job fairs across the state.

8) Frank supported a number of bills to bring about true energy independence which included safely developing domestic oil, coal and natural gas as alternative sources such as solar, wind, hydropower and others.

9) Unlike Carol who voted to create a tax on artificial limbs, Frank has voted in favor of numerous bills to help assure that our veterans have access to the best medical care, helped fight homelessness and unemployment.  Frank even helped sponsor a special Veterans job fair in Manchester.

10) Unlike Carol who added her name to the audit the Fed bill only to withdraw support after telling her constituents that she co-sponsored it per their request, Frank did cosponsor the bill and didn't withdraw his support.