NH Republicans on O'Brien

A recent survey of NH's "influential" Republicans by Red Granite found that they feel William O'Brien deserves another term as House Speaker.  The story found HERE on the Patch website states the following:

In all, 102 Republicans from New Hampshire were asked using an automated survey tool whether they think O'Brien deserves another term as Speaker.

Fifty-two responses were collected.

52 responses?

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed agreed to some degree that O'Brien deserves another term.

Two-thirds of 52 is only 35.

Asked where they felt O'Brien has succeeded as Speaker, more than half of those who responded cited his work to help balance the budget and keep spending in check.

"Achieving fiscal sanity," said one influential Republican.

"Righting the fiscal ship," said another.

I agree with that mentality in that O'Brien turned this state around.  When Democrats took control of the House, Senate and Governorship, they went into a spending frenzy like New Hampshire had never seen and left the state in a bad situation.

Instead of sitting back and just playing the blame game like Obama has done for 3 years now, O'Brien and state Republicans did "right the fiscal ship".

That said, here are the counter views...

Others were more critical, saying his greatest success was in "abuse of power," or "Tearing apart the Republican Party."

The influential Republicans surveyed were more varied in their responses when asked about O'Brien's failures.

Many cited the Speaker's inability to "handle the press" and deal with public relations.

Republicans need to listen to this group of "influential" Republicans.

Despite how well O'Brien has done accomplishing getting NH back in the right direction fiscally and passing things like Voter ID, all that is trumped by bad public relations.

Voters don't pay close enough attention to details, past UNH polls showed that most NH voters weren't even aware that NH Democrats ran the state budget into a deficit.  But they sure can recall story after story of Lynch showing up at disaster sites in his yellow ran slicker and they can sure tell you what a nice guy Lynch is.  Does it matter that when you look at polling results on issues people continually side against the way Lynch governs?  No, because people aren't paying close enough attention.

If you stopped 20 people on the street today and asked if they know which side Lynch or O'Brien took on the more well known issues over the past 2 years I doubt many would be able to answer.

Basically how "influential" Republicans feel is a non story, it doesn't matter.  It's how the basic voter feels and as long as O'Brien can't handle public relations and Democrats have someone like Lynch who looks good in a rain slicker and is a nice guy, Republicans will have problems.

The only positive for the Republican party right now is that Democrats have the White House which carries down a lot of votes (or in this case votes against) from the top and they have Obama who is arrogant and continually sliding down the popularity polls.  ObamaCare being the largest tax increase ever in US history isn't exactly a boon for the Democratic party either.  If it wasn't for that, NH Republicans would be in serious trouble.