The Breast Feeding Debate

Over this past week in NH there has been protesting because a resturant asked a women breastfeeding a child to "cover up" leading to her taking offense and storming out.

From the article the woman stated:

"It's a breast - it's not anything sexual," she said yesterday while standing with other mothers on the sidewalk outside Tooky Mills Pub.

Ironically in one of the leading stories on Yahoo this morning found HERE:

A New Jersey mother is suing an Iowa production company after an instructional breast-feeding video she appeared in was taken by a third party and used to create pornography.

This raises a number of questions.

If someone were to be turned on by this non sexual act would this same mother be offended?

Since courts have ruled that people placing cameras in floor grates catching peeks up the skirt of women who choose to go without panties is legal since in the court ruling they said it's the responsibility of the woman to keep herself covered from all angles, what will happen if and when people start using their camera phones or other recording devices to take video and or pictures and begin posting them on pornographic websites?

Regardless of who's offending who and whether or not it is right to breast feed, the real issue in all of this has been missed.  The issue is about private businesses and their rights.

Let's ignore the whole breast feeding issue for a moment and think about this.  Let's just say you own a restaurant.  One day while you have a group of people eating and another group waiting for seats a person comes in with really bad body odor.  After a few minutes of them standing there you notice people waiting for a seat turn and leave.  People already seated begin to lose their apitite and instead of ordering large meals finish up their drinks and cash out.

This one person is now costing you business and harming you financially.

Shouldn't you as a private business owner be free to ask them to leave if you feel you are better off without their business?  I think so.

Heck, if a business feels it can be more profitable only serving people with blond hair and blue eyes then they should be free to establish that business model for themselves.

In this case the business had people getting upset watching the woman breastfeed while they were eating.  They didn't even go so far as to ask her to leave, only to cover so not to turn others off.

So my free market solution to this is simple.  I'll support any women who wants to pop open her shirt in public without any attempt to cover herself in modesty, but I'm going to pop out my cell phone and start snapping pictures that I'll most likely share.