Switching Teams

It seems around every election there always seems to be groups coming out claiming to be members of one party who support the other candidate.

The Patch ran a story just this week about "republicans for Obama" which you can read in full HERE.  The story shares a couple testimonies of "republicans" who are now backing Obama such as this one:

Bernie Geaghan of Salem, a long-time Republican who voted for George W. Bush in 2000, said he also decided to support Obama on Nov. 6.

The "rhetoric coming out of the Republican Party lately has just turned me off,"  Geaghan said.

So clearly he's a "republican" because after all he supported Bush in 2000.  What about 2004 and 2008?  Voting republican once in a decade does not make one a republican.

You also have to love that reporting... "rhetoric".  No Details as to what that "rhetoric" might be.

So does Bernie not have a problem with Democrats implying the Mitt Romney killed the wife of a former coworker or any other of their far fetched claims?  Apparently that's ok.

Then you have this testimony:

Former state Sen. Rick Russman of Kingston, another life-long Republican, said he joined Republicans for Obama because of Romney positions on the environment.

Russman accused Republicans of trying to roll back environmental regulations, and he said Romney policies would open the door to drilling off of the New Hampshire coastline. Obama recognizes certain environmental protections, including smart investments for clean energy, according to Russman.

This "republican" donated $200 toward Jeanne Shaheen in 2008 and donated $1000 for her campaign in 2002, was a "republican for Kerry" in 2004, and was labeled as a "big Lynch supporter and was part of a voter's alliance that endorsed Democrat Peter Burling for NH Senate.  The fact that he's supporting yet another Democrat is now news?  Really?

From what I see of this list there isn't a single "republican" who stood out as a real republican.  In fact of the names I find on the web, they are people who year after year, campaign after campaign donate and support Democrats.

This isn't too shocking though because other "republicans" for Obama have been exposed for actually being Democrats like the two women in the story HERE.

Compare that to this story found HERE about REAL Democrats who actually supported, voted for and in some cases actually campaigned for Obama who are now supporting Mitt Romney.