Push Polls 2012 Edition

Democrats once again are up to their old tricks.  Here's how this one took place...

I'm sitting home enjoying time with my kids when I receive a call from the number 303-647-1016 which shows up as "survey center" on caller ID.  I'm a sucker for surveys so I answered the phone.  A friendly young man on the other end asks basic questions asking on a scale of 1 to 100 how would I rate each of the following then rattled off the names of current politicians running in 2012 for all the state offices.

After going over each candidate and John Lynch for good measure they then began the pointed questions about Ovide Lamontagne and Maggie Hassan.  They start asking if I'd heard (insert charge here), filling in the blank with several of the charges Republicans have made against Maggie based on her prior record.  Then they asked if that was alarming and to what degree on a 1 to 4 scale.  Then they followed up with the Democratic Party counter claiming Maggie was the greatest thing since sliced bread and Ovide would bring an end to life as we know it here in NH.  You know the typical claims, he'd destroy business, crash the housing market, undo all the great things Lynch did for NH and then the real kicker he'd destroy the NH education system by giving parents the choice of where to send their kids instead of forcing them into one sized fits all cookie cutter schools.  And get this, he may even single handedly change the NH Constitution to allow parents to even pick... religious schools (gasp!).

I remained friendly the whole time while I could tell the caller was getting a little disapointed as I continued to say my opinion to vote for Ovide over Maggie was not changed but after almost 20 minutes of this he finally thanked me for my time and it was only then he rambled off the disclaimer that the call was baught and paid for by the Democratic party.

When I googled that phone number I found several sites discussing that it had been used in other misleading attempts to sway voters.  One caller was targeted because they had an hispanic sounding name and were hit with several survey "questions" aimed at making the Democratic candidate in their state look like the pro Hispanic candidate.  Another was told up front that they were representing the Foundation for American Veterans even asking for donation.  Others yet said that they received no answer on the line several times when the number called and only when their spouse answer did they get a response with targeted questions to the specific sex they were targeting.  Typically pushing the war on women claims.

Because I refused to change my stance and told them out right I would not support the Democratic party's candidate I wonder if that's the only reason they finally disclosed that they were representing that party.  My guess is if I expressed shock at the claims they made (which by the way ignore actual facts like say... voting records and the actual bills either candidate supported) and said I would switch my vote over to Maggie I highly suspect that they would just have thanked me for my time and hung up without disclosing who they were.

Should any of my readers get a call on their caller ID from that number please try this and post the results.