Not My Mess

It dawned on me today that Democrats remind me of my kids. 

In an online debate I was having I pointed out how nearly every single poster who was positive about Obama was going on about how "historic" it was he was being sworn in for a 2nd term because he was our first black president.  I pointed out that since there was nothing being said of his character and accomplishments and instead the focus was on the color of his skin we clearly haven't accomplished the dream MLK had.

At this point I would have thought a well informed Democrat would list out the accomplishments they credit Obama with.  Of course none did.  Instead the argument turned back that he had to inherit all these problems from Bush and from there they repeated talking point after talking point.  You know the ones... the Iraq war on credit cards, Bush ruined the Economy etc. etc. etc..

I gave our leftist friends a 2nd chance to show me up asking point blank, can you please site some of Obama's accomplishments since unemployment is no better today then it was when he took office, the wars in the middle east he said he'd end continue worse then ever, the Patriot Act that Democrats blasted Bush for was expanded under Obama, the deficit has gone up so high that it makes even the last 2 years under Bush look good, GITMO prison which was so evil has been expanded, taxes on those of us making less then $250,000 a year have gone up, ObamaCare is now starting to show is increasing health care costs instead of decreasing as it was suppose to... what is better off today as a result of Obama and his policies?

Did even a single person come back with anything?

I was at least expecting that he killed Osama or he opened it up to allowing gays in the military.  Granted the first was accomplished using intelligence gathered under Bush using "torture" and the 2nd is subject to point of view as whether or not it was an accomplishment but I'll give those two to him.

But what else did he accomplish?  Anything?

The responses came back once again blaming Bush for everything under the sun.

This brings us back to my kids and how they remind me of this group of Democrats.

I walk into a room full of toys.  It doesn't matter who's toys they are or how they got on the floor, I just want them picked up.  I say to my kids that it's time to pick up the toys.  Instead of doing this they argue back that it was the other one who made the mess.  I say again, it doesn't matter who made the mess but you have to clean it up.

Obama didn't make the mess, this I'll agree on.  The economic down turn started before he became president (let's ignore any responsibility he had in office prior to becoming president and since we're being generous let's also ignore that Democrats held the house and senate since the 2006 elections).  However he ran for office as the guy who would clean up the mess.  He's had 4 years so far and the mess is still on the floor.

Democrats, instead of focusing on the mess and discussing how to clean it up, continue to argue about who made the mess in the first place and just like my kids attempt to draw focus onto something different ignoring the mess that they should be responsible for cleaning up.