2013 Off With a Fun Start

Happy 2013.

Here we are just a few days into the new year and already we're off to a fun start.

The fiscal cliff has been avoided and the media once again aren't doing their jobs covering the truth about what was really agreed to.  We are hearing that Democrats won out getting a "modest" tax increase on those earning over $400,000 but they aren't pointing out that the Hollywood liberals received exemptions.  So those claiming the rich should pay a little more, like Michael Moore, can sleep well on his pile of money knowing it doesn't apply to him.  And the media was quick to claim that the tax increases wouldn't impact the middle class of course they just breeze over the fact that it increases payroll taxes that impact everyone who works.  Has everyone's short attention spans forgotten why we were put in this situation in the first place?  Oh that's right our nations crippling debt and unsubstantiated level of spending.  What was done about that other the increased taxes on the rich?  Increased spending to go along with it of course.

Then it didn't take long for the NH Democrats to reinstate the gun ban in the state house.  After all a sign saying that the state house is a gun free zone will clearly prevent anyone seeking to cause others harm from bringing a gun in, right?

And if all that wasn't enough just days into the new year you have WTKK switching over to music thus ending the only true FM talk station currently on the air.  Now drivers seeking to inform themselves on news will have to deal with the static of AM or put up with NPR's slant.  Honestly though considering how bad WTKK had become it wasn't much of a loss.  Was a discussion about receipts really that informative?

Now that Carol Shea Porter is back in office I can't wait to see what other "fun" we're going to have in the year ahead.