Bias Polls

Carol Shea Porter released a column this week titled "Time for Action" discussing her plan to work with the Obama administration to create more gun laws.  You can read her views in full HERE.

In the article on Blue Hampshire support Carol's anti gun views, they point to a poll claiming there is an overwhelming number of NH voters supporting core elements of Obama's suggested gun bans.  Following their link I can across the site found HERE,  This site describes itself as:

A progressive perspective on New Hampshire politics and other oddities.

Ok, so they too admit to having a liberal slant.  Since they are open about it I dived into the article about the poll showing overwhelming support.

A New England College poll shows New Hampshire voters support an assault weapon ban by an overwhelming 72% to 24% margin.

In the survey from the school’s Center for Civic Engagement, Granite Staters expressed almost universal support for universal background checks, favoring that proposal by an even larger 88% to 10% margin.

Wow, 72% support an assault weapon ban?  88% support universal background checks?

In a national poll by NBC, they found only 55% supported an assult weapon ban.  Is NH that much more liberal?

I followed the link provided in the article to see what the breakdown of the NH voters polled were.

Other then saying they polled 656 registered voters, nothing further is given regarding the break down.  In fact the New England College website states the following:

The numbers of voters in support of universal background checks are so high as to make demographic examination worthless.

So if the demographics of this poll consisted of 100% registered Democrats that wouldn't make any difference?

According to the NBC survey only 44% of Republicans surveyed in their poll supported such a ban.

Are NH Republicans that far off from their counterparts in the rest of the nation?  Or perhaps the poll is skued in an attempt from the left to make people believe that more people support their views then truly do?