Voter ID and Seceding

Polls are interesting things.  I don't put much weight in them because a good pollster can get the results they want based on how they ask a question.  Asking if people support a woman's right to choose and showing a picture of the young attractive women protesters you see in the paper for instance would give far different results then if you ask if people support the right to murder unborn children and show a picture of a dead unborn.  You would basically be asking the same question but it's all in how it's asked.

All that said, once in a while when looking at polls you do see interesting things in their results.

Two polls taken recently on the patch website are good examples of that.

Poll 1 asks "Should Voter ID be repealed?"

Poll 2 asks "Should NH Consider Seceding from the Union?"

When looking at the results first consider the rule of 3s.  With nearly everything political you will always find that about 1/3 will always be for it and 1/3 will always be against it.  It's the 1/3 in the middle the sways things one way or the other.

When asked if voter ID should be repealed 32% said yes and 67% said no.

When asked if NH should consider seceding, 42% said yes and 57% said no.

So the way I look at these results you have the fairly split 1/3 for and 1/3 against but in the case of seceding from the Union a portion of that middle 1/3 is starting to believe it's a good idea.

What is that telling you about what direction people are thinking this country is headed in?

As I've said in the past when Republicans were in power, the party in power (in this case Democrats) would be wise listening to people and what they want.  People want fair elections and they want less government.  Unfortunately I think you're going to see Democrats push for ways that will make it easier for people to vote illegally and push for far more spending and more government over the next 2 years.