We Always Hurt The Ones We Love

There's an old pop song that goes "You always hurt the ones you love."

In a recent discussion I had, that point was made ever so clearly.

We were discussing the paper industry in NH and it came up that the now process everything up to the point of making pulp then ship the pulp overseas to China for them to make the pulp into paper.  The reason for this is because environmentalists have made it so cost ineffective to make actual paper that it's cheaper to ship the pulp over to China to have them make it into paper and then ship it back to us.

Think about that for a second.

Environmentalists have forced a NH company to ship pulp over to China in trucks and boats using extensive amounts of fuel, only to have those overseas companies use the same process we've outlawed here.  Then ship that paper back to us using more fuel to transport the finished product which we can then turn around a buy at a higher cost.

Sometimes we create bigger problems in our attempts to solve smaller ones.

This was a perfect example of that.  Trying to cut back on pollution from paper production did stop it here in the US but by forcing the transporting of products overseas and back, the long term impact was to create more pollution and waste more resources.

This is similar to minimum wage laws.  Those who push for higher minimum wage see the impact of the person earning minimum now earning more but they choose to ignore the bigger impact of higher unemployment rates and fewer job openings as a result of those higher wages.

Until we as a nation learn to think, we will never truly solve the worlds problems and most likely we'll hurt the ones we love by making things worse.