Should Abortion be Commemorated?

In the past the pro abortion side have at least attempted to pretend abortions were wrong and were horrible things.  They've at least attempted to claim they too would like to see abortions become rare even though they feel they should remain legal.

That went out the window with the introduction of House Resolution 6.

This house resolution commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court
decision and affirms support for its holding and principles.

Commemorating Roe v Wade?  Commemorating is defined as "Make honorable mention of".  Do you think abortion is honorable or something that should be commemorate?

And which reps attached their names to this?

Rep. Bouchard (D), Merr 18
Rep. Wall (D), Straf 6
Rep. Rosenwald (D), Hills 30
Rep. Harding (D), Graf 13
Rep. Lockwood (R), Merr 9
Rep. Theberge (D), Coos 3;
Rep. Kidder (R), Merr 5
Rep. Sad (D), Ches 1

The public hearing for this resolution is 1 PM this Thursday (2/14/13), I would like to urge anyone who does not thing abortion is something to commemorate to attend and let these representatives know.

You can also email the committee here