Carol Pay Me Shea Porter

In the song Welcome to the Jungle Axle belts out the lyrics "You can have everything you want but you better not take it from me".  Current statements from Carol Shea Porter remind me of that line.

Democrat Jim Cooper came up with what I consider a brilliant bill, the No Budget, No Pay Act which will prevent members of Congress from getting paid unless they pass a budget (as the Constitution requires them to do).  This bill has received support from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Of course when push came to shove, our local Congress-woman Carol Shea Porter voted against the bill claiming "The wealthy people in the House and Senate can go without the pay, but others will be hurt along with their families for something that wasn’t their decision"

So its ok to take away money from other people as long as she isn't the one impacted.  And she doesn't even think it's right to withhold pay from people who aren't even willing to do the job of creating a budget that they are legally required to do.

And what about all the people hurting right now because Congress can't do the job they were elected to do?  What about the people who are hurting right now because gas and oil prices continue to climb and unemployment numbers remain high?

I guess its ok for them to hurt as long as Carol's ok.