Ripple effects of Cash For Clunkers

Back in 2009 I wrote about how the cash for clunkers deal Obama put forth was going to hurt the used car market, you can read the story HERE.

Interesting thing happened this weekend while I was shopping for a car with my family, we are now seeing the ripple effects exactly as I predicted them.

My wife and I are currently shopping for a slightly used car.  As we began discussing options with one of the dealers we meet he pointed out how the used car market is "suffering".  Because the cash for clunkers took many of the older cars out of the market, poor families had two choices, either push the cars they had even further or buy a newer model car.  And for many, the 2nd choice wasn't an option.

This resulted in even fewer older cars going into the resale market and an even higher demand on the newer used cars driving up the price.

This leaves me finding very poor selections at nearly new car prices.

Will Democrats take responsibility for this?  I doubt it.