Voter Fraud

According to an article found HERE on the Nashua Telegraph, "355 people who voted in the presidential election have proved unreachable, and about 1,500 more have not yet returned a postcard confirming their identity."

So what's the plan to deal with these nearly 2,000 possible illegal voters?

The state attorney general’s office will “follow up” on those postcards that are not returned, said David Scanlan, assistant New Hampshire secretary of state, who oversees state election laws.

There is no penalty for not responding, Scanlan noted.

Ok, so there is no penalty for not responding but what about the 355 people who have so far proven that they do not exist at the address they voted under, or for whom the address doesn't even exist in the first place?

What I'd like to see is where were the majority of these votes cast?  Is there a larger percentage of them near our state boarders implying that "voters" come in from other states?

I don't expect anything to be done regarding the voters they cannot contact in any way and my prediction is Democrats will continue to use the lack of any accountability for voter fraud as their reasoning to attempt to repeal the law.