Do I Hate To Be Free

The best way to understand those you disagree with is to listen to their arguments.  I've also found that by playing devils advocate you can also straighten your own views and ideas by looking to see if they can hold up to counter arguments.

Once in a while though, I am faced with views from the other side that I just don't understand.  It's not a matter of disagreement but a full out failure to understand the other side's line of thinking.

An article found HERE from Blue Hampshire is just that case and I am asking my readers for help translating this.

Here are a couple excerpts from the article:

This morning I’m thinking some people hate to be free. At some level they feel disconnected and decide that’s the way to be. They reject and resist all who would tell them that social is what we are meant to be. And hate what they cannot be. It’s akin to declaring the out of reach grapes sour.

So unless you fit into what others tell you that you should be you aren't free?

Why do we have so many of these people in the U.S? Poor maternal and pre-natal health care may account for some. Abusive parenting for some more. Certainly, our antagonistic racist bretheren have reason to be jealous. Society does not even care enough about them to put them in prison and provide them with basic medical attention.

The part I put in bold was what really troubled me.  Hannah (the author of this piece) is essentially arguing that if you do not take part in society as "all who would tell them" define it, then you are racist and in her opinion should be put into a prison.  Why?  Because after all, you hate to be "free".

I also love how she credits poor maternal and pre-natal health care for the reason people disagree with her views of society.

That’s what the people in this video are telling us and what Alexandra Pelosi is showing us.

She refers to "this video" but supplies no links or anything embedded into the article.

The only video I could find by Alexandra Pelosi was the one discussed HERE which shows people waiting to get "free money" from the government but it doesn't seem to fit what Hannah is talking about.

My best guess at what she's talking about is that unless you fit her and her fellow democrats mold of what society tells you that you should be, then clearly you aren't "free".

Anyone else want to take a stab at translating?