A Fool And His Money

When growing up we all make mistakes.  Sometimes parents let you make mistakes to learn lessons.  One such lesson is when you see an ad for a toy that looks just too amazing which as a kids you just have to have.  Parents see the ad and realize it's a gimmick but to let the child learn a life lesson parents will sometimes let that child work hard to earn the money to get the toy and when they do they realize they did all this hard work for garbage.  They come out of it learning they must be a little more careful in how they spend their money.

WMUR has a story this week about a man who clearly never learned that lesson.

Henry Gribbohm Jr. said on Saturday evening, he got caught up in a carnival game called Tubs of Fun set up outside the JFK Coliseum in Manchester.  Before he knew it, he had handed over $300.

"They explained to me I was going to get all my money back, I was going to get an Xbox Kinect, and because I was keeping everybody's attention, they were still going to give me a banana.  They lied to me," said Gribbohm.


He said he drove home to Epsom and returned to the carnival with more than $2,000 in cash.  In the end, he said he spent $2,600 and never won the game.

He said he returned the next day to ask for his money back, and was given $600 and a stuffed banana with dreadlocks.

So this guy willingly hands over $300 to play a game of chance which he clearly sucked at.  And even after losing time and time again drove home and returned with over $2,000 cash?  Then without any kind of agreement other then the word of the carnival employee who already bilked him out of the original money he continued to hand over thousands more.

Carnivals are buisnesses, they are not there to hand out free stuff.  In order for them to give away XBoxes or banana's with dreadlocks they must take in more money they the items cost plus some to pay the employee working the games.

There is no evidence showing that a gun was placed to this man's head to force him to hand over his money.  He entered into a business establishment that had games set up to get your money with low chance of you winning any prize in return.

What this story is showing is how the mentality of people in this country has turned into a victim society.  It's not his fault that he stupidly handed over his money, it's somehow the carnival's fault.