Safety vs Liberty

With each crisis, we as Americans willingly give up more and more of our freedoms.

As I've watched and read more about the release of the three girls who had been held captive for 10 or more years I can't help be be troubled by how many Americans call for the government or police to do more.

I'm not sure if it is true or not but one report claimed that "neighbors" had reported seeing nude women chained up in the house and in a couple cases banging on the windows.  The response to the discussion was why couldn't the police do more.

Let's stop and think about that, do we really want police to be allowed to just walk into people's homes and search based on hearsay of one person?  Yes, these women may have been freed sooner but how many false reports or rumors do police have to sift through ever day.  What would stop a neighbor from claiming someone they dislike is dealing drugs or has child porn and getting police to raid their house in hopes of finding something illegal?

Its a fine line between safety and liberty.