NSA Spying NH State Reps Mixed On Support

Yesterday the house voted down a bill that would have limited the ability for the N.S.A. to collect information on private citizens.  A Roll-call of the vote can be found HERE.

NH's two reps were split with Democrat Carol Shea-Porter voting Yes and Democrat Ann McLane Kuster voting No.

According to the write up about it HERE, even Republicans are arguing about being split on this.

On the way into Washington DC this morning I was entertained by the ranting of one Republican in the House (on the radio) complaining that too many members of the GOP were acting like “libertarians” in voting to defund the NSA domestic spying program.

This vote demostrates why I've always argued that people need to look closer at who they are voting for.

If you are one of the Democrats who protested when Bush signed the Patriot Act then you should make it know to Rep Kuster that you are equally displeased when Democrats support spying on Americans.