Why Democrats Should be Outraged About Illegal Voters

I'm puzzled why Democrats themselves aren't the ones upset about the out of state voters who used Martha Fuller Clarks address to vote here in NH.  And now that the state AG is saying there's nothing wrong with it, I'm not sure the Democratic party who currently embraces this really understand the Pandora's box they've opened.

In a national primary if you are a contestiant running close to the next but fear you may lose NH, what now prevents you from calling all the different employees you have around the country and asking them to "move" to NH for a few days or a week or two leading up to the primary so they can register and vote.

Now if you live in NH, your vote is essentially stolen from you by those out of state employees seeking to alter the election in favor of their candidate of choice.

And since NH allows anyone to register, what then prevents republicans from hiring campaign workers to "move" to NH for a couple days and in turn register in the primary as a Democrat so they can then vote for the opposing candidate they feel their own person has the best chance of beating?

Democrats, are you ok with this?  You've spent the better part of the summer defending it so when MA Republicans who know their vote isn't going to matter in their own state "move" to NH to begin voting in our elections will you cheer them on and say its a good thing that they vote here?