Look Out He Has A Toy Gun

We live in a different world then we did twenty or thirty years ago.  And the changes are no for the better.  Somewhere along the past couple decades we've completely tossed common sense out the window and replaced it with over the top political correctness.

Let me share two stories with you, I'll begin by telling you a true story that happened to me when I was in high school.

My friends and I would get together on Saturday mornings and play paintball in the woods directly behind the school.  We'd set up a couple tables and carry back a couple boxes of paintball guns and equipment then gear up in full camouflage and shoot away until we ran out of paintballs.

One such Saturday while we were setting up, an older woman came out into her backyard which neighbored the wooded lot and saw us in our camo carrying rather large weapons.  Being an older woman not familiar with paintball (which was a relatively newer sport back in the 80s) she called the police reporting that "Rambo" was in her backyard waving around guns.

Now none of us had even noticed her when she came out so we went on our way and started playing our game.  Within a few minutes a couple dozen of us were scattered in the woods hiding behind trees and bushes scoping out where the others may be hiding.

Right in the middle of our game a police cruiser pulls into the woods.

As soon as we saw the cop we all came out of the woods and approached him identifying ourselves as paintballers.

He mentioned the old woman we scared and then asked to inspect some of our guns.  We gladly showed them off, being rather proud of our toys.  He in turn tried a couple rounds of a couple of the nicer guns, commenting on their quality.

After a couple minutes, he left asking us to stay closer to the school so we didn't accidentally shoot into anyone's yard.

That was it.  He left and we continued our game, making sure not to scare any other neighbors or accidentally shoot someone's house with paint.

Jump forward to today in a story you can read in full HERE and also reported HERE.

Two kids playing with airsoft guns in their own yard while they waited for the morning school bus.  Unlike paintball guns, the airsoft guns have bright orange tips which is an important detail to this story.

While they played around they remained in their yard, never approaching the bus stop until they saw the bus.  At that time they put the guns back up at their house and rushed down to the bus stop.

Also during the time they played around, along with shooting targets which hung on the tree, they shot at some of their friends who were waiting for the bus.  Their friends were ok with it, having agreed to have an airsoft "war" later in that same yard when they could return with their own guns or borrowed guns.

The kids joked around and got along with each other until they arrived at school when the two boys who had the guns (on their own property) were pulled from class and informed that they were being suspended and possibly expelled for the remainder of the school year because of the school's zero tolerance gun policy.

The school was informed of the situation by a neighbor who called 911 because

Here is what is reported about the 911 call:

“He is pointing the gun, and it looks like there’s a target in a tree in his front yard,” she told the dispatcher. “This is not a real one, but it makes people uncomfortable. I know that it makes me [uncomfortable], as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun.”

Unlike the older woman scared by the paintball guns in my case, this is a woman who knew the boys were playing with toys yet she felt the need to call 911 because they made her feel uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable?  Really???

And as is pointed out in the 2nd link, the callers own son was one of the children playing around who agreed to come back and play during the "war".

The layers of stupidity here are overwhelming.

First you have the neighbor who, despite knowing they were toy guns, called 911 because she was uncomfortable seeing the boys playing with them.

Then you have the police, who instead of laughing at this woman and charging her with making an illegal 911 call, since 911 calls are intended for emergencies, choose to instead notify the child's school about their playing in their own front yard before school started.

And finally you have the school, who's reaction to having two children playing in their own yard during their own time, was to suspend both of them and threaten expulsion.

If I were playing paintball today on school grounds as I did when I was younger I'd be facing 20 years to life based on these new standards.