What was the point of ObamaCare

Serious question for my friends on the Democratic Party side of the isle, what was the point of ObamaCare?

I recall several of the selling points being made by Obama and other Democrats was that it would help lower the sky-rocketing health care costs and help make sure the millions without health care gain access to coverage.

So far in reality the opposite appears to be holding true.

We've seen nearly 5 million Americans lose their existing insurance since ObamaCare went into effect (4.7 million).

Health and Human Services this past Tuesday confirmed that only two million have signed up for new coverage under ObamaCare.

That's a net loss of 2.7 Million MORE people who now have no insurance.

But it gets worse, only 5 to 15 percent of those who are being reported as signed up have actually paid their first premium.  If they don't pay they aren't actually enrolled.

And worse yet, the majority of those who've signed up are not the healthy younger people willing to pay higher then market rates the plan required to be self sufficient.  That means the government is being left with a huge spending hole that we'll all end up having to bail the country out of.  On top of that those of us who haven't yet lost our existing plans are seeing increases because of the mandatory coverage all insurance companies are now required to carry.

So we have more uninsured and health care costs are going up even higher, which is why I ask what was the point of the law again?

Perhaps that's why Congress woman Carol Shea Porter in an effort to save her skin in the next election is trying to distance herself from ObamaCare, claiming "This is not the bill I voted for".  Of course she would have had to have read it to know that.

Let's not forget that she closed the doors on several of us at her "town hall meetings" while ushering in the purple shirt health care campaigners in through back doors while pushing ObamaCare down on all of us.  She partook in the lies to force this on all of us and now wants to pretend that she's actually for the people.

I'd like to see her response to that question, what does she believe the point of ObamaCare was?  And if it's not meeting the desired goals how long must we be stuck with it before even she's willing to admit it's a failure and seek it's repeal?