When You Have Nothing To Say

One good way to see how well a party is doing is how it motivates its base.  If you look back when G.W. Bush was president Democrats were in full force attacking him at every turn (ironically for many thing Obama is now doing that they are silent on).  After Obama first took office they continued to sound off blaming Bush for every wrong in the country, ignoring that they controlled the house and senate since the 2006 elections.

Now we're about half way into Obama's second term in office approaching the mid-term elections.  If ever there was a time to get excited about your side it's now.  Democrats should be sounding off about all their accomplishments... only problem is they have none.

I look often at the website BlueHampshire.com as a way to see how the other side thinks and to see what their current hot topics are they are railing Republicans about.  Lately it has been nothing more than crickets.

The last posting on their site was made Oct 13th, prior to that Sep 10th.

Do they have nothing to sound off about?  No accomplishments they can brag about?

It seems all their prior attacks against Republicans can now be used against them so that card can no longer be played.  They attacked Bush for his deficit but we see far worse deficit spending under their watch.  They attacked Bush for the wars in the Middle East but now the situation in the Middle East is a complete mess.

The article from October isn't even about current events, it a flashback about Goldwater and Clinton.

Not even a peep about the "war on women" or the Koch brothers.