Carol Shea Porter vs Frank Guinta

Frant Guinta and Carol Shea Porter have matched up already in past elections with each beating the other at least once.  This allows us to see actual records of both candidates to make more informed decisions when voting.  I'm compiling here several details about both candidates to hopefully better educate voters on their choices.

On Taxes

Carol Shea Porter - Carol has continually scored an F rating with the National Taxpayers Union, often ranking nearly the lowest score of all Congress.  In her latest term in office Carol voted for a net of $121 Billion in new spending.  The term before she voted for $262.8 Billion in new spending.

Frank Guinta - Frank scored a B rating with the National Taxpayers Union.  In his last term in office Frank voted for a net of $352.7 Billion in CUTS.

Analysis: Carol's record shows her to be a huge spender and completely fiscally irresponsible.  Frank has proven himself to be more fiscally responsible.


On Gun Rights

Carol Shea Porter - Came out stating she supports "States Rights" in regards to D.C. banning guns.

Frank Guinta - Is supported by the NRA for his pro 2nd Amendment views.

Analysis: Anyone who cares about gun rights has to go with Frank Guinta on this one.


On Women's Rights

Caarol Shea Porter - Voted yes on the "Foreign Relations Authorization Act" which supports funding abortions in other countries.
-Supports public funding of abortions in the US.
- Carol voted yes for the "Clone and Kill Policy", which instead of banning human cloning, requires all human clones created to be killed while still embryos.

Frank Guinta -  Voted yes to ban federal funding for abortions

Analysis: While Carol has attempted to paint Frank as an extremist his voting record only opposes funding of abortions while she has a more extreme view of not only forcing every to fund abortion even if they are religiously opposed to it but in the case of the clone bill requires the killing of human life in some circumstances.



Carol Shea Porter - Voted yes on the "Thought Crime Act" which attempts to create different levels of crime based on the thought of the criminal.

Frank Guinta - Supports capital punishment for certain crimes.
- Supports requiring congress to identify the constitutionality in each new bill.
- Supports banning stock trading on congressional insider knowledge.

Over all I could list, and I have HERE, a number of reason why Carol needs to go.  Once again in this latest term she proved why she is not right for New Hampshire.