People walking around wearing guns

An article surfaced in the Concord Monitor about the Department of Public Safety changing wording on conceal carry permits.  You can read the article in full HERE, but it isn't the article I wish to discuss.

The new wording changes the intent of the form from being a "shall issue" for anyone who meets the requirements to giving the state the power to pick and choose who it feels should qualify for licensing.

It is the comment someone posted to the article though that I find disturbing.  Nelle wrote:

When it comes to guns, some just don't believe in common sense. Do we really want a society where people are walking around wearing a gun?

Simple statement made up of two sentences.

First is that when it comes to guns we should "believe in common sense".  My first though on this is who defines "common sense" because what is common sense to me apparently isn't what the anti-gun left view as common sense.

If you live in an area with high crime and are concerned with your safety, would it not be common sense that you would want a way to protect yourself?

Then there is the second part to this statement, "Do we really want a society where people are walking around wearing a gun?"

Just today there is a story about threatening letters sent to schools in RI.  In response parents and the public are calling for police ("people walking around wearing guns") to be present in the schools in case something happens.

Politicians surround themselves with people with guns, to protect themselves from danger.

In troubled neighborhoods people demand that politicians hire more police (people with guns) to walk around day and night to keep their streets safe.

People constantly want "people with guns" to walk around in their daily lives.

Given this, wouldn't common sense therefore dictate the if you want to be protected by people with guns, wouldn't it make more sense to have a gun instead of waiting several minutes (when seconds count) for someone with a gun to show up?