Santa For President 2016

I know it's a little early in the election cycle to come out in support of a candidate for president but it has become clear that there is really only one man who deserves our vote in the next election.  That man is Santa Claus.

Santa started with humble beginnings with is toy delivery business but grew it to a multinational corporation bringing presents to children all around the world.  He clearly understands economic issues.

He earned early endorsement from major groups on both sides of the political spectrum with PETA supporting his adoption program for exotic reindeer and the NRA pleased with his supporting gun rights by bringing children Red Rider BB Guns (careful you don't shoot your eye out).  Not to mention his able to gain support of both the coal industry, being their biggest client, and the green energy group since he drives a sled powered by alternative means instead of a gas guzzling combustion engine.

It's also clear he has more foreign policy experience than anyone else in the race considering he travels every year to just about every country on the planet.

And if there is any doubt Santa would make a great choice for President just look at how he treats children, both rich and poor equal delivering toys regardless of income class.  And he's able to do it all without taxation, something our government could greatly learn from.

He also has a wonderful ability to work with the disabled.  Not only was he able to help Rudolph find work but eventually promoted him up to lead reindeer guiding the sled using his disability as an advantage.

Even Libertarians have stepped out to support Santa.  When asked who will build the roads, Santa proved once and for all that you can build a successful business in the North Pole without any roads at all.

Of course his campaign isn't without some hick-ups.  He has been blasted by the left for being too much of a religious right candidate, being that he is a Catholic Saint after all.  And they weren't all too pleased with his support of spying without a warrant to see who's naughty and nice.  Likewise Republicans blasted him for not being born in America but since it didn't matter with Obama, most are willing to let that slide for Santa too.

But perhaps his biggest hurdle is with woman's rights groups who are upset with his chanting "Ho Ho Ho" as he crept into houses late at night.  Could this be Bill Clinton all over again?  I don't think so.  Anyone who has remained married for nearly 1800 years to the same woman has a strong sense of family values.

So consider Santa for president in 2016 and be sure to show up at one of his milk and cookie campaign rallies.