Eric Garner Killed By Liberal Policies

A lot could be said about the death of Eric Garner.  The media looking for any example of white police resulting in the death of black men are doing their best to blur the lines between this case and the other recent cases they are pushing out in their attempts to claim it's all a matter of racism.  Which falls flat when you consider facts such as the supervising sargent being a black woman.

Eric Garner stands out though, but not for the reasons protestors and others are making it out to be.

The case of Eric Garner highlights how the left, those who support big government, higher taxes and more regulations are the ones responsible for Eric's death.  That's not to say that Eric's own individual actions were not partly at fault but his actions were minor in this case.

Eric's crime?  He was selling "Loosies", individual cigarettes which do not have the official state of NY tax stamp.

Let that sink in.

Now Eric wasn't a saint, he had a past arrest record of assult and had been arrested over 30 times but several of those arrests were for nothing more then selling individual cigarettes.

When you buy a car and no longer want it what do you do with it?  You sell it.

If you buy electronics and eventually want to upgrade to something better what do you do with the old one?  You sell it.

In fact with websites like ebay or pawn shops and thrift stores you can resell just about any of your belongings assuming there is a market for it.

New York State created a market for people reselling cigarettes by raising taxes on them to the highest in the country with New York City adding additional taxes on top of the ones the state already imposes.  They then create criminals by making it illegal to buy cigarettes where they are cheaper and resell them to people who want to avoid the taxation imposed on them.

If people want to protest in memory of Eric Garner, they should do so against what really killed him.  Overbearing government.

They should fight against over taxation which creates black markets and against victimless crimes which lead to arrests like the one which resulted in Eric's death.

March for more freedom, more liberty and lower taxes, not trumped up myth that this was an act of racism.